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Music So Exciting It Comes With A Strobe Warning... No Really, Don't Watch This Video If You Have Epilepsy

As I began to explore an ensemble entitled 'Melt Yourself Down', a modern septet consisting of some of the brightest and most forward-thinking names in UK Jazz (including former members of revved up punk-jazzers Polar Bear and Acoustic Ladyland), I came to the conclusion almost immediately that these guys were not making music to accompany a middle class dinner in a West End restaurant. Whether I formed this opinion based on the fact that their biog looks like this...

"Imagine, say, a hot, vibrating country, with a sea to the north, desert to the south, jungle to the east, mystery to the west. At the no-man’s-land heart of the fast, bothered capital city, salvation - a club, bar, dive. Approach with caution, for the production of pleasure, and wild nights. Will there really be a morning? The dedicated house band, Melt Yourself Down, blasting the four walls, a skittish, kinetic six of them, stars in their eyes, done with the compass, firing off in all directions at once, in total control, working up to breaking point, playing all the senses, leaving port, go, go."

Or whether it was the vivd notions of industrialism and ferocity that their name evokes (MELT... YOURSELF... DOWN), what I had envisaged was a cacophony of distorted trumpets, heavy drums and thunderous bass lines all congealing into one scintillatingly polluted riff based conglomerate... and I was 100% right. 

It's loud, it's heavy and it's exciting... YES UK JAZZ!


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