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Gilad Atzmon: How Can An Artist With Such Political And Cultural Profundity Be So Easy To Enjoy

Photo By Tali Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon is a man of rich socio-political standing and someone who's well-publicised views on the Jewish religion (Zionism in particular) have sparked much debate and calls of provocation. Atzmon has written a number of essays which are highly regarded in the Eastern world, worked as a paramedic during the 1982 Lebanon war and is a self declared 'Secular Jew'.... all ponderous themes, none in which I am educated enough to divulge. The reason then that I have included this man on the blog, is due to the fact that when he is not pursuing his sociological interests, Gilad Atzmon is one of Britain's most respected and hardest working saxophonists... and his new record is really bloody good.

Atzmon's new record 'Songs Of The Metropolis' focuses on the composer's perception of 9 international cities' spirit, and each track attempts to encapsulate an individual aura or ambience (It's a picture yourself walking down the street in... concept). Although the music on the record is fantastic - and the soundcloud link above is testament to that, what I find most impressive about this album is that Gilad's political and religious views can seem as far detached from his music as you'd like them to; The album really doesn't sound as if it contains a buried aggression or subtle agenda, it's just a beautifully composed and very well performed set of tunes that are wonderfully accessible no matter what extent of research you conduct on this unquestionably interesting man's background.

I guess that's the beauty of instrumental music though.


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Reader Comments (1)

I've followed Gilad's work for a few years now and love how I can lose myself in his music. While I do understand his use of 'fame' to communicate his political message, he is also a simply outstanding musician. Songs Of The Metropolis winging its way here forthwith!

February 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSteph B

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