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A Christmas Party With A Contemporary Jazz Twist

The office Christmas party... A term which anthithesises almost every festive concept in the book, instead replacing all of them with something less cheery and far more mundane. The prospect of presents and gift-giving doomed prey to notions of awkward conversation or Jarvis's office 'Banter', and the idea of spending time with ones family substituted for the less idyllic scene of sitting through every holiday photo on your bosses smart phone as he commentates to you and your partner who smile ever-more wryly as the evening descends into outright boredom.

Take one word from that heading however and you get...

The Christmas Party... A term which can be used far more broadly and encompass anything from family festivities to friendly 'Get to gethers', in which absurd amounts of food, alcohol and prime-time television is consumed willingly. It's going to be a good night but let's face it, with that level of endulgance and Christmas coronation street specials, there's going to be a couple of fights to be dealt with.

So add a few more words in again, including a well placed ampersand for good measure and we're left with...

The Match & Fuse Christmas Party... How about a festive night of the freshest jazz from in and around the countries capital, gift wrapped to perfection by the people that bought you Europe's most exciting inter-continental jazz event of 2012.

Three incredible acts will perform at Shadwell's 'The George Tavern' tonight (Tuesday 11th December) to raise money for WaterAid, a charity striving to enable the worlds poorest people access to safe water and sanitation, and at just a £6 charity donation this night of homegrown harmony (however dissident) promises to be one of the brightest of the holiday season!

World Service project, Saltwater Samurai and The Laura Jurd Quartet present great music for a great cause and, perhaps more importantly, an even greater excuse to get out of the shitty office party that accounts pieced together with the pocket change remaining from the bosses bonuses... because that's how the real world works right?


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