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The Online Playlist Provider Making Incredible New Music Easy To Find Again: Label Love

Considering the sheer volume of Spotify app's and online marketing plans that are in place to make it easier for us to discover new music, those wonderful 'Eureka' moments, where you fall hopelessly in love with a record from its first millisecond of audible ambience, come far too infrequently for my liking. Perhaps many of the apps in question have vested interests; only displaying results from specific publishing houses or artists, or maybe these widely utilised 'Tailored to your taste' features are really just wild stabs in the dark. Either way, for the eager musical explorer plunging the icy depths of the inter-web in search of fresh and exciting sounds can be a laborious venture... and that's without even getting jazz specific.

Imagine then, if you will, that someone took the time to accumulate a succession of tracks from each of the countries leading contemporary labels, formed the resultant body of work into an impressive sounding compilation series, and created a set of genre specific albums full of new music that was readily available to download for free... well it's happening people, it is happening.

'Label love' is the brain child of 'Tru-Thoughts Records' manager Jasmine De La Paz, and does exactly as I have just had you imagine. This months playlist, the jazz edition, features an eclectic array of new sounds specific to the contemporary genre and contains a predominantly UK based set of artists; a wonderful testament to both the incredible musicians that the circuit nurtures and the hard working labels that support them.

  • Menagerie - The Chosen (Tru Thoughts Recordings)
  • Sara Mitra - April Song (Impossible Ark Records)
  • Matthew Halsall - Fletcher Moss Park (Gondwana Records)
  • Greg Foat - Girl and Robot with Flowers Pt 5 (Jazzman Records)
  • Ivo Neame - American Jesus (Edition Records)
  • Nostalgia 77 & The Monster - The Taxidermist (Tru Thoughts Recordings)
  • Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnics feat. Nona Hendryx - It's Time (Katalyst Entertainment)
  • Troyka - Rarebit (Edition Records)
  • Dwight Trible - Hyku For Peace / Come Ye (Katalyst Entertainment)
  • Gizmo - Red Balloon (Revive Music Group)
  • Allsopp, Vosloo, Stanley, Giles - Like Someone In Love (Impossible Ark Records)
  • That's Why - Udoyeleg (Jazzman Records)
  • The Golden Age Of Steam - Waffle Throne (Basho Records)
  • Examples Of Twelves - Please Hold (Part 2) (Impossible Ark Records)
  • Kit Downes - Skip James (Basho Records)

Stream / Download: HERE

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